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Using of the LAB-Profile Method in the Practice of Personal Management.
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Using of the LAB-Profile Method in the Practice of Personal Management.

Instruments of influence and success of LAB profile.
Do you wonder why it is easy for us to communicate with some people, and difficult with others?
With some clients we immediately enter into the contract, and with the others we have not been able to do so.
Why are some negotiations successful, while the others end in failure ...?
Of course, we often find the answers to these questions.

For example: “This is a very difficult person”. Or, “He's very stubborn and it is impossible to reach a compromise”. It appears that the matter is that we often appreciate the people, build relationships with them relying on our intuition, our principles, our rules: it suits or doesn’t suit, “correct” “incorrect”.

But what if there is no right or wrong, difficult or easy, but there is their usual behavior, their motives, which we simply do not recognize, do not know, do not see.

Each of us has a personal profile (a habitual behavior) which consists of a bricks-metaprograms, it is mandatory for the personality principles of attention, filters of habits, which we apply to everything that we can see. These are attention laws that are stored in long-term memory. These are habits.

We never know what information is filtered through the metaprograms, because we cannot trace the work of the leading filter selection.
So, the method:
In 1957 Noam Homsky defended his master’s thesis at the Department of Linguistics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the work was called: “Transformational grammar” (TG). It was a breakthrough.

The work reveals the way in which people modify the information received and HOW they transmit it further.
It turned out that a person can read and transmit only 1-2% of all the information (100%), feelings, experiences.

Based on this, he determined that the individual creates his reality, and the language is a filter, which collects information through a certain grating and structures it in its continuum - passes to a person already structured language.

Example: If the architect and the policeman walk down the street they will SEE different things, and their behavior will also be treated differently.
Roger Bailey has developed a tool that allows you to define the structure of the continuum and influence on it.
This was profile LAB - the “Language and Behavior”

Who teaches this valuable tool as LAB profile? The School of Technology Pocherk trains it.
On the 6, 7, 8 of October there was the first open training, the product of which was exactly this technology.

Training participants are successful people who have trained with each other. Got new, applied skills and knowledge, one more tool of influence, which will enable them to develop their business better, be a better leader, to know the motives and give the customers what they wish, recognize talented and “right” potential employees for the company in a maximum of 20 minutes.
They made a profile of a potential employee.
Now they know HOW!
If you find a new employee or client, or simply a man who spoke to you in one language, understands and accepts all of your motives and values. You want just him to sign a contract, just him to accept the offered position....
He knows your metaprograms. And do you know his?

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