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Iunona Ilina
Iunona Ilina
Elena Onyshchenko
Elena Mekhanik
Roman Milashenko

Iunona Ilina

Senior researcher at the Department of New Informational Technologies in Teaching at the Institute of Psychology named after G.S.Kostiuk of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

Specializing in the following fields:
  • Management consulting
  • Organizational consulting,
  • development of enterprises, strategic sessions moderation
  • Training programs for leaders, top management, coaching:
  • development – “CHALANGE”, new planks, new scale of life and business
  • Scientific project “Psychology of life's Success”

Paradigm: STA-approach, psychology of success, engineering, management.


  • Technologies ( management information systems, electronics)
  • Economics (enterprise management)
  • Psychology (practical psychology)
  • Consultant, trainer.
Consulting Sphere:    

Consulting. Management consulting. Balance Scorecards. Business consulting. Organizational-system consulting. Sales activity optimization. Human resource management. Innovational decisions. Mission, VISION, and the system of corporate goals creation. Crisis management. Organizational structure optimization and restructuring. Non-standard solutions.

Personnel audit. Assessment center. Individual diagnostics of the motivation, loyalty, potential possibilities of key employees. LAB-profiles (the tool of personal development, management and motivation of the personnel), competences. Organizational-personnel audit ( company activity analysis in four layers: management, product, technologies and business-processes, organization)

Personnel Development. Business Trainings. Big groups. Problem-Oriented Programs

The author of more than 23 training programs in the following fields:
  • Management (strategic sessions, mission, vision, strategic development, management collaboration, human resource management, team management,  authority delegation and special instruments for managers);
  • Commercial programs ( sales, negotiations, bargaining. Distribution)
  • HR-complex (inner trainers, personnel audit, training system building, assessment center, evaluation, VIP-training, change implementation, restructuring of the company – administrative and personnel aspects, personnel training system building)
  • Psychology of success
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