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CIM`s Values
History of the CIM
Effectiveness. We measure success not by the amount of the done steps or difficulties. We measure it – by results, resulting in growth, development, multiplying the size of clients' organization.

Simple decisions for difficult situations. It is the back of professionalism and high competence in the chosen sphere. Quality of our projects is shown in a growing income, repeated orders of our clients, and new clients, comings to us on recommendation + status of expert-professional.

Individual approach. Handwriting of master is not a model.
Academic knowledge, a theory is often inapplicable to the real, not ideal, living business. It is necessary to be able to shift knowledge, experience in practice of business, in simple decisions for difficult situations. We can do it. It is tested on our experience and experience of our clients.

Structural approach and transparency in relations.
We want to save everything which is functional. Our way of development is a business evolution. It is not needed to destroy the basis of the house, if the small hinged window pane is broken! Plus we provide luxury of professional honesty to our clients: it happens that at the beginning they suffer from inflexibility of phrases of expert, sometimes they grumble about the high, dynamic rate of works - but then they never ask to be more polite, because they value our professional honesty. But every praise from Pocherk, every estimation has a lot of value. Our partners know - professionalism is efficiency, honesty, given so that it is possible to use it.

Long-term relations.
Every brick which we lay in foundation of our relations is important. Decency in relations + observance of agreements + respect to OTHER position = We came to the market FOREVER (quotation of our client, settled to the use)!

Development. We never stop.
We study from the original sources, from the best. We create new technologies of business success. We choose difficult projects to become more professional.

Respect to personality. Value of a MAN. Each of us is the only one and unique, possesses the talents, knowledge, abilities, desires. We value individuality! Everybody is interesting exactly due to the uniqueness.

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