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The Psychology of Success
Partners and Clients
Big groups - new!
  1. Conferences
  2. Production seminars
  3. Client seminars
  4. Loyalty sessions
  5. Trainings for the group with more than 40 people

Training “Sales Technology from A to Z” (“Shock therapy by techniques”) 9 modules of sales – from basic skills to advanced special technologies:
1st module: «Sales techniques»
  • Sales alphabet: what the sales start with…, on what starters and professional salesman stumble
  • Sales steps and sales basic instruments.
  • Specific of sales in В2В, В2С, services and FMCG groups, telephone and direct sales
2nd module: «Psychology and clients” way of thinking – negotiation skills»
  • Product thinking in negotiations
  • Psychological techniques of client management
  • Find out the client’s negotiation strategy and choose your best model
  • Psychological and technological sales tools
3rd module: «Efficient objection handling»
  • Psychological aikido - techniques of working with objections.
  • Answers bank for objections.
  • Objections classification.
  • Conflict situations and misunderstandings. When client says “no” or unsatisfied with something
  • Techniques of forming the value of proposal.
  • Tools of working with price objections (expensive, etc.)
  • Persuading techniques, argumentation
4th module: «Product presentation as a part of sales»
  • Basic presentation skills: starting with… outlook to… commercial proposal
  • Body. Gestures. Voice. Words. Psycho-geography
  • 8 principals of successful presentation
  • Presentation mystics. Psychology of influence on audience.
  • Public speaking skills
  • Technologies for audience attention management
  • Interesting presentation preparation
  • Work with psychological barriers in public speaking
  • Unpopular decision presentation
5th module: «Efficient use of the phone in sales»
  • Tools for rapport creation in telephone communication
  • Techniques that motivate the client to make a purchase
  • Main barriers and “distortions» in telephone sales
  • Telephone sales – business-process, technologies, secrets
6-й модуль: «Работа с ценой, техники торгов»
  • bargaining techniques, one’s position preparation, argumentation
  • counterstrategy to manipulations in the matter of price
  • “make” your price bigger
  • “12-2” principle
7th module: «Personal efficiency training for sales manage»
  • Individual blockers of sales
  • Managing your “limits” of price – why don’t we believe that IT is WORTH it?
  • Success calculator and contacts arithmetic
  • “Allowed” sales volume increase. I sell as much as I believe. To raise the limit
8th module: «Goal-jerk – …. times sales increase»
  • Sales volume increase management techniques..
  • The techniques of segmentation of target client – where is the money?
  • Argumentation bank for each segment
  • Managers activation. Efficiency increase from 80% to 140 – 180%
  • New sales technologies: sales increase in times. Increase in %
  • Two approaches: income increase, expenses decrease.
9th «Negotiations Premier League»
  • Psychological instruments for ACE at negotiations
  • Agreement under any circumstances: an arsenal of a Decision-Maker
  • Dynamics of negotiation: hidden are revealed 
  • Manipulations and provocations structure, counterstrategy for influence
  • Concealed commands and questions usage
  • “Win – Win” negotiations model
  • Control of negotiation under “no rules game” circumstancesManipulations and provocations structure, counterstrategy for influence
«Strengthening the Team of Sales Representatives» training
  • Creation of sales workings standards
  • Creation of corporate brief-case of «PLUSES» for a client
  • Internal teaching and work with the mood of SR
«Active Sales – Winning the Clients» training
  • Market capture technology with tools
  • “take yours at the market” strategy
  • “jerk” technique
  • Fixing the result technique
  • Target segment definition technique
«Art of Sales in Retail» B2C training
  • Individual approach to the client
  • Exposure of client's necessities
  • Technique to «rear a client» is a basis of long-term collaboration construction
«Brand Standards of the Shop» B2C training
  • Standards of merchandising in an interior and exterior of the shop
  • Rules of behavior for service personnel
  • Algorithm of socializing with clients
  • Roles of employees of the shop, co-operations and communications in different situations
«Anti-sales Manager» training for perchance and supply managers
  • Macroeconomic theory of crisis management
  • What salespeople are taught, or what he needs to know about us. What techniques he uses
  • Philosophy of successful supplier (functions of manager, aims and model of purchase, model of collaboration)
  • Bank of workings techniques of purchases
«Area Development» training- for distribution companies, МLМ-companies
  • Segmentation of clients and development of the strategy for territory development
  • Principles of effective sale strategy
  • Communications – as a key to the increase of clients and turnover
  • Technologies of network growth
  • Technologies of work with dealers, partners.
«Commercial structure management», CRM-approach
  • Cycles of sale-department management;
  • Tree of sale department standards;
  • Process and human resource management algorithm;
  • What team is needed!?
  • How can one draw a personal-professional portrait of sales manager.
«Business Communication» training
  • Psychological classification of people
  • Prophylaxis of conflicts
  • Bases of creation of efficient working atmosphere
How to Lead Groups: Counsel, Meeting, Conference  «The Difficult Negotiations Moderation Techniques» training
  •  Media-Training for taking part in briefings and conferences
«On Both Sides of Barricades. Behavior in the Conflict» training
  • Behavior styles in the conflicts
  • Types of conflicting personalities
  • Behavior strategies in the conflicts
  • Method, allowing to reduce tension in the situations of conflicts
«Art to Inspire», «Motivation» training
  • Motivational models of organization
  • Management cycle. Role of "alive" work
  • Motivational techniques for co-operating with a group and individually
  • confidence development and enthusiasm support within the employees
  • Effective conducting of motivational meetings
  • Management, evaluation, motivational tool for individuals and groups
  • Is used in management, sales/negotiations, motivation
  • How to speak to different people for them to understand the goal and have a desire to make it true
  • Ways to solve management tasks with the help of the tools
  • Diagnostics of risk probabilities in case of personnel reassignments
STA-approach, psychology of success
  • STA- System-Thinking-Action approach: technology of correlation of What I think, How I think and What I do=achieving the better results in life
  • Psychology of success: how to define the working /existing model of success, analyze the results. How to create the desirable model of success
«Change Management» training.
  • Mental models transformation for the achievement of desirable results in life.
«Stress Management» training (anti-stress)
  • Prophylaxis of burning down and stress
  • Yourself management methods in an unstable situation - 7 techniques
  • Design of successful behavior and decisions
«Female Leadership» training
  • Choice of a Woman-Leader: lifestyle, place, where I live, surroundings, career.
  • Woman + Man = what are the levels of partnership?
  • Perception Yourself as a Woman: MIND, BEAUTY, SEX APPEAL, ATTRACTION, FORCE, FLEXIBILITY , and HOW to MANAGE these
«Personnel Creativity Increase» training
  • Work with a team: creation of result orientation and creative atmosphere
  • Creation of meta-state for achieving the chosen aims and solving of tasks
  • Creative management: types, structure and principles of creativity, processes management
  • Development of personal creativity
«Strategic Development of the Company» training
  • Goal package of business. Types of strategies.
  • Management the competitiveness of company. Stages of development (functions and Adizes)
  • SWOT Analysis . Analysis of internal environment - ODI.
  • Management models
  • Alternative scenarios of company development.
«Psychology in Business»
  • The psychological techniques of motivating climate creation
  • Business-psychology basis, psychology use in management
  • Conducting meetings, change information, motivating goals
  • How to present the unpopular decisions correctly
«Strategic Planning System + MBO» training
  • Goals distinguishing, their criteria and action directions –in plan format
  • Basic strategic directions development for reforms and development
  • Development of the common view of the current situation and functional approach towards working tasks solving
«Three Frames of Company Diagnostics»
  • How to make analyses of the company activities in the following layers: 
    • finances
    • management
    • operations
    • clients
  • forming of clear understanding: WHO, WHAT, HOW is doing
 «To Build the Result»
  • Is the team always necessary – and how to make the staff achieve the result
  • The role of the team, the goals, the tasks and the development perspectives
  • The team development phases
  • Role structure
“Manager’s Golden Package”
«The Director of Time»
  • Еfficient time planning, task, goals assignment
«Delegation of Authority» training
  • Matrix of delegation
  • Determination of the employee's readiness level
  • Work with blockers in delegation
“Creation of the Business Competitive Edges” training
  • Triangle of company success
  • Defining of corporate “chicks”
  • Local marketing basis
“One’s Professional Development Model Management” training
  • Defining individual development zones
  • Creation of the strength points album
  • Putting of the professional ambitious goals
“Project Management” training
  • Project management bases (a life cycle of the project, types of jurisdictions in the project management)
  • Stages of project management (determination of mission, aims and tasks, project analysis, development of alternative solutions)
  • Stage of the project existence confession Initiation) (analysis of feasibility of the project, preliminary business plan, expert estimations, final business plan)
  • Bases of the project planning: what needs to be necessarily taken into account in planning
  • Models of maturity of the project management in the company
  • Key terms and algorithm of introduction of the project in the company
Mini МВА for line managers:
  • Self management and possibilities management
  • Personal efficiency
  • Time. People. Communications
  • Model of development
Modern business. Economy basis.
  • Base economic concepts
  • Macroeconomics
  • Basic world economic progress trends
  • Concept of economic cycles
  • Estimation of macroeconomic risks and possibilities. Influence on company's business
Human Resource Management.
  • Modern Management. Organizational development of the company
  • Modern technologies of personnel management
  • Organizational Structures 
  • Determination of the functions of personnel
  • Effective Motivation. Career planning. Evaluation and attestation of personnel
(General Management): Management Basis.
  • A base brief-case of manager is in technologies. Three scopes of management: self management, people management, situation/business management and its instruments
  • A management base is a management cycle
  • Setting of goals
  • Distributing of work: functional duties, business processes, matrix of delegation, matrix of efficiency of an employee
  • Motivating tools
 Tactical business planning. Project management
  • Projects management bases. Life cycle of the project. Types of jurisdictions in project management. Western standards in project management.
  • Stages of project management. Determination of mission, aims and tasks
  • Project analysis
  • Development of alternative solutions
  • Principle of project management
Change management. Crisis management
  • Modern principles of change management
  • Analysis of different approaches to change implementation. Models of conducting organizational changes
  • Contra-crisis management 
  • Levels, classification of types of crises
  • Problem diagnostics, analysis of the state of internal and external environment, tendentious positions of crisis
Organizational development
“Reorganization of the Company” training
  • Company expenses analysis and their rationality
  • Creation of expenses structure – where it is possible to reduce expenses, not to lose in efficiency today and tomorrow
  • Recommendation on introduction of a new strategy of expenses optimization
«CONTRA crisis management»
  • Three base strategies of contra-crisis management
  • Psychological management of crisis perception. Motivational scopes during the crisis
  • Technologies and processes of work with clients. Personnel. Administration.
  • Volumes of sales: MINIMUM is maintenance at the previous level and MAKSIMUM is growth, increase
  • Determination of CRM-strategy of the company
  • System of work with the external environment of company
  • Principles of the operative marketing
  • Segmentation of users on adherence
  • Organization and cost of direct communications. Taking contacts to the result. Technology of LOVE (bases of the programs of loyalty)
“Marketing Outline” training
  • Marketing-strategies. Uncopied competitive edges
  • Winnings arguments
“Customers’ Loyalty Increase” training
  • Development of the special programs of loyalty
  • Direct and indirect methods of stimulation of the loyalty of a client
  • Efficiency analysis of the programs of attraction
  • Levels of service to the clients
“Business-Process Package Creation” project-training
  • Formalization of all the key business processes of customer company
  • Creation of document package, describing current business of the Customer company in a formalized view:
    • it is a list of business processes and short description of the process (name, participants, accountable for a process)
    • it is a composition of business process (stages, roles, sequence of executable operations, used tools and materials, results of implementation of operations) "Album of business processes AS-IS" (charts of current processes are in text and graphic description)
  • Description of business processes is in such volume (degree of working out in detail) which allows: 
    • to conduct optimization of processes (to reduce costs, increase speed and quality of results)
    • to create "standard business processes" for implementation in branches and sub-quarters "Recommendations of consultants on optimization of business processes"
CRM, ERP– teaching of those who will implement them
  • Short series of the trainings for implementation of the team of CRM/ERP, on which participants get expert knowledge about the best methods of realization of the implementation project.
Authorial Programs
«To Build a Stateтм» business game
  • The models of development of different countries are given with roles: president, ministers, politicians
  • One variant gets out from possible 42 - on a chart
  • It is offered to the participants as a game to build the state on the model. Videogames
  • Analyzed, whether a model, chosen by participants, is effective
  • Conclusions are drawn, what model of the state is most effective for this team
  • The aggregate result of the program is created
  • Kernel of business and situation management
  • Mysticism of business development is a calculator of business success. Three formulas
  • Psychology of power. People management, team role, people, aims, tasks and prospects of development
  • Mastering the system of skills of achieving aims, that includes:
    • knowledge - WHAT to do and WHY
    • ability – HOW to do
    • a desire - motivation to do
«Exactness of the leader’s thinkingтм» The course  “Leader’s Personal Efficiency” Individual course, built on the principles of ontopsychology. ??
  • Picture of exactness of a man
  • Logic of success. Decision-making technologies
  • Logic of failure. Work with an error (reasons, selfaudit, prophylaxis of errors in PUR)
  • Finding out the hidden sources of destruction
  • Individual balance of rational and intuitional approach to the choice of decisions
  • Exactness is in the games of leader
 «Three frames of managementтм»
Complex of technologies of efficiency increase in 3 frames of life:
  • self management
  • management of others
  • management of a situation Management cooperation, personnel management, team management, personal resource in management, the removal of personal “stoppers”
«Art-Business тм»
  • Business game, which is built on the basis of theatrical art, psychodrama, that allows to explore one’s relation to him/herself, behavior,  relations with other people
  • The participants have the interview before the game.
«HR–Special Forcesтм»
  • Practical tools course for special HR services: learning techniques according to 5 basic HR functions:
  1. recruiting
  2. adaptation
  3. training
  4. motivation
  5. evaluation (rotation, firing)
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