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trainers and consultants
Iunona Ilina
Elena Onyshchenko
Elena Mekhanik
Roman Milashenko
All trainers and consultants have “pro-mix” education

1.    Classical business education in economics, management, marketing.
2.    Business psychology.  Our professionals have the qualification of management consultants, trainers, organizational consultants (diplomas, certificates)
3.    University degree (technologies, philology, economics)
4.    Internship in Pocherk. Consultants and Trainers, who work in Innovation Management Center “Pocherk”, undergo regular training according to special inner program (trainer, consultant).
5.    Foreign language (English, Italian, German)

We hire employees according to rally simple life criteria, that is why for you and with you here are people who:
•    actualize their talent in work – we know that great success is achieved in the field one likes, it means results.;
•    are successful in solving their personal situations;
•    are healthy – physically and psychologically;
•    are interested in profitable work with us – they have their personal wealth increase;
•    can establish positive, developing contacts with successful and strong personalities.


Our specialists are successful in solving their own problems, in organization of their own life – and this very vector of SUCCESS, plus vector of PROFESSIONAL specific knowledge and technologies we import into work, in to the companies of our clients.

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