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Management Consulting
Human Resource Management
Organizational and Personnel audit
Commercial (Programs in Strengthening the Business)
Individual Consulting
Human Resource Management

•    Construction of HR-service at the enterprises.
•    Organization of teaching and learning services / centers.
•    Construction of the personnel policy.
•    HR documentation, managing documents.
•    Making of the position profiles.
•    Job descriptions, the guidelines for subdivisions, procedures and algorithms  of work - a new qualitative approach that allows efficient USE of these management tools - the Results-function
•    Development and implementation of personnel events.
•    Staff training.
•    The procedures and algorithms of work. Job descriptions, the guidelines for subdivisions.
•    The introduction of motivation and incentive programs.
•    Improving of the efficiency of staff.
•    The loyalty improvement programs.
•    The formation of an effective organizational culture.
•    Education of the staff.
•    Formation of subdivisions and services.
•    Personnel recruitment and consulting.
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