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Individual consulting packages: “The Seven of Success
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The Psychology of Success
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Individual consulting package - 1 “The Seven of Success’
1. The model of your own success. The analysis and creation of personal business model.
2. ”My blockers”. What prevents you from having what you wish? The formation of the necessary changes in the pattern of thinking. Working with unconscious decisions and psycho-injuring experience.
3. The aspect of Me and the body, health, and emotions. Forming of the individual model and criteria of health. Psychosomatic portrait. The body as a “litmus” of the accuracy of decisions. Managing your emotional state - the mood.
4. The aspect of Me and close relationships. Analysis of the existing model of relations with close people (parents, friends, partners) + building the desirable relationships, management of others.
5. Me and the job, the business. Exit to your Level of business. The choice of the future business model. The choice of the game. Managing the situation.
6. Me and the future. The analysis of individual resources and the design of individual model of the future. Model “What for to live”, choose joyful and harmonious future.
7. Me and energy (Money, Power, Project of life). Dealing with energy. Technology of work with the internal sources of strength. Energy of “my” authority – to understand and to manage. How can I influence the level of my finances and quality of life.

APPROACH There are psychological trainings used in “Seven” consultations, we work using the synthesized approach “The Master’s handwriting” (synthesis of STA- approach, the psychology of success, cognitive and behavioral paradigms).

Iunona Ilina
The Philosophy Doctor in Psychology, Senior researcher at the Department of New Informational Technologies in Teaching at the Institute of Psychology named after G.S.Kostiuk of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.
The Member of the Ukrainian Society of Psychotherapists of the European Association of Psychotherapy.
The curator of the state international project “Psychology of Success”.

Package-2 Female leadership:
1. Individual leadership formula. Principles of my power.
2. Defining of blockers and usual inefficient behavior.
3. Observing of the usual models of behavior, relations with others, family, children, men.
4. Man and woman, relations that create or destroy the woman.
6. Emotions management principles. Ways to recover resource state.

Iunona Illina
Elena Pilipenko

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