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Our professional acquaintance with the Innovative Management Center "Pocherk" took place a few years ago. Collaboration during all this period is permanent creation of new instruments and teaching methods for managers and leaders of the companies of different type and level. And the last product of the company - instrumental trainings for three groups (leaders, merchants, HRs) made by the School of Technologies "Pocherk" pleasantly surprised us and made us happy. The necessity for such structural and having a special purpose programs ripened long ago at the market.

Participating in the training - the author instrument "Result - function" allowed us to realize the formal intercommunication between the ambitious aims of the company and functionality of the ways of their achievement. Functionality of organizational structure of the company is the most essential criterion, thermodynamically determining the potential ability of its development. So if we managed to build a functional structure, it means that it is possible to be sure that a purpose will be attained. It is always interesting to know "how quickly?", physicians would say that it is a question of kinetics. It depends on filling of cells of the structure with high-quality (adequate to the functional) personnel. Clearly, it is not a simple question to find and organically include human competences for execution of strictly necessary acts. It is an area of psychology already.
But who said that business was simple?

Result - functions by "Pocherk" – it is one of the keys which is used in order to be more convinced in the space of unknown intercommunications of life, business and human relations". I want to admit the high closeness of the useful information abandoning the favorable feeling got during the training, that time and money were used effectively, and at the same time, we enjoyed a warm friendly atmosphere which was professionally created and retained by trainers of "Pocherk"

I consider that "Result - functions" as a product can be effectively implemented in our company in order to line up  purpose-oriented structure correctly, systematically, to bring to conformity "creeping" arrays of giant-companies - aims, people, processes and functions. For this it is necessary to teach my colleagues to use those applied tools which were give by "Pocherk". Therefore teaching of Top-managers and project group became the point number one of my action plan.

Human Resource Director,
E.V. Pilipenko
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