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Reference on the program "Art to Inspire"
Company: Pocherk
Trainer: Iunona Ilina

Collaboration of "Golden Telekom" and the company "Pocherk" takes place within the framework of scale corporate project "Management school", made for managers of middle administrative level.

Initially I will say about difficulties of the project:
1. big number of participants - 85 people
2. different level of preparation of the managers - there were both employees with large experience and quite young managers
3. reorganization processes within the company

The offered program was developed taking into account all our necessities and specific features of work.

The trainer worked with 5 groups (formed on a certain sign).
All trainings were taken actively and saturated, both informatively and emotionally. The training program in 100% is built from the questions which are necessary  in the manager's work:
• how to motivate him/herself
• how to motivate the inferiors
• how to create such environment at work, when all people work for one result

Separately I would like to say about the high level of professionalism of the trainer: excellent domain an audience, vast and deep experience not only in "her topic" but also in specific business processes of different industries, ability not only to give the  information to the participants of the training, but also to inspire them on rapid application of new knowledge in practice.

Speaking about practical changes which happened in our company after the conducted training, I would like to select the followings moments:
 all the employees began to work within the framework of the result
 the amount of conflict situations decreased, because they learned «to talk in the language of each other»
  the climate became considerably better in the collective
 rallying of the team in the whole

Leader of Teaching Center
Golden Telekom
Ann Ulitich

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