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Consulting is a kind of professional intellectual services for corporate customers interested in optimisation of their business. It solves company's problems in spheres of management and organizational development. In other words it's any help in solving some problem by external advisers.
Consulting activity includes the analysis of current business processes of a customer and explanation of purposes for development and use of scientific, technical, organizational and economic innovations, considering features of customer's business.

Personal consulting
is a consulting area related to individual consultations on the following issues: problems in interpersonal relations, organization of individual rhythm of life. The main targets of personal consulting are to create the strategy of personal development, to set-up the consciousnesses, to form the system of relations as opposite to the psychological consultations which are directed on solving the psychological problems of person. 
Types of consulting services are below.
Consulting solves issues of administrative, economic, financial, investment activity of companies, strategic planning, optimisation of company's functioning in whole, business dealing, research and forecasting of product markets, price fluctuations etc.
The main objective of consulting consists in improvement of quality of management, increase of efficiency of company's activity and increase in individual labour productivity of every employee.
These days the most demanded service of consulting companies is construction of management systems in companies.

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