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Commercial (Programs in Strengthening the Business)
Management Consulting
Human Resource Management
Organizational and Personnel audit
Commercial (Programs in Strengthening the Business)
Individual Consulting
Commercial (Programs in Strengthening the Business)

•    Programs in strengthening the business conducted on the individual patterns for each Client.
•    The program based on the tasks determined by the Customer, the challenges faced by the company, or identified problems, and diagnostics results (format and orientation is determined by the objectives of the client).
•    One of results is the development and implementation of activities to bring the company to the desired level.
•    BUSINESS ART - training for managers on the necessary knowledge and skills in the hard market conditions (business model for successful management: strategy, policy, technology, financial management, marketing and sales, crisis management, project management, personnel management, functions and management tools, leadership, internal communication, etc.). The course is recommended for senior and line management, conducted in-company.
•    ”THE RESULT-FUNCTION” IS A GOAL STRUCTURE OF THE COMPANY – MANAGEMENT ACCORDING TO THE FUNCTIONS The project aims at strengthening the company by creating a working goal structure, which is expressed in the final result – WHAT and HOW the employees do, in their functions. Leaders use our developments with great inspiration and enthusiasm

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