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CIM`s Values
History of the CIM
Centre of Innovation Management “Pocherk” is the center of integrated management service made to solve difficult management tasks:
  • Development and strengthening of the business
  • Optimization of organizational structure
  • Building of high-quality operating gear
  • Managing of the comfortable resourceful inner state within owners and managers of the business;
  • Leader strength development.

CIM “Pocherk” has been working in Ukraine since 2002. During this period Centre of Innovation Management “Pocherk” proved itself as reliable and effective company at the market of consulting services. That was proved by successful realization of several complex and synthetic projects in development and strengthening business. CIMP opened office in Moscow, and starting from 2007 CIMP has been working in Ukraine, Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Europe (Netherlands, Norway), Israel.

Starting from 2006 CIMP has been being a part of Pocherk Group. It is niche consulting group of business. It consists of CIMP (consulting), the School of Technologies Pocherk (business education, technologies of success), “The Master’s Handwriting” (business literature, distant learning courses). The Group will enlarge for two other companies during next years.

We are proud of that fact that from the very beginning big consulting and training companies used “Pocherk” services to make uneasy consulting projects work.

Company mission – to form business culture of Ukraine, professionally oriented on quality, through the change within the organizational culture of the leading companies; and by doing this to contribute to the positioning of Ukrainian entrepreneurs and their companies at the professional world market.

Main lines of activity – creation and integration of long-term programs on business strengthening, through the development of business leaders and their staff; building the necessary mechanisms for the development of main fields of the company (finance, product, operations and technologies, management and human resources); carrying out of business trainings; evaluation and strengthening of the staff.

Why are we so good – we are professionals in finding the best WORKING solution for your concrete situation.

“Pocherk” is the company with a team of practical consultants. That is why we know what we are talking about. Due to consolidated experience of our employees in successful solution of management tasks our Companies-clients receive concrete tools that work for the realization of their goals. Thus our clients successfully implement the improvements that were planed.

Centre of Innovation Management “Pocherk” is the company oriented on applied, vital for the client, positive result. This result is alive, non-typical, it helps the company to be “alive” and successful, it means oriented on long-term success and efficiency, as a result – profitable company.

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