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About Scientific Project “The Psychology of Success”
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Research is conducted as follows: - Analysis of the literature (multidisciplinary cut. 2007-2011 - Study of vital histories of prominent, successful people (historical information + real people) and exposure/determination of their model of success, variants of scenarios. 2009-2013 - Research of concept "success/failure" in different cultures, countries, religions. 2009-2013 - Stratification proportional selection. Questioning, testing, questionnaire and analysis of data. 2007-2015 - Trial projects (distant format and living work. Theoretical works are checked up in practice (students, business partners, scientific and educational establishments, within the School of Technologies Pocherk" training «Psychology of success»). 2008-2015 - Design (differentiated groups, two year project. 2014-2015 Afterwards, all findings are processed, structured and published.

On the basis of the theory of success, which will be created on completion of the research, the application programs of teaching and development will be developed. One of directions, which is presently in development is the creation of the distance study course “Development of psychological skills of success» for adults.

This topic is actual for Ukraine, former USSR countries, because we do not have the adopted, realized psychological model of success. It results in adoption of the stranger models of success, which does not conduce us to our aims, or is unacceptable on some reasons, or achieving success requires too much efforts, victims and etc., and the attained purpose, if it is however achieved, doesn’t already bring any satisfaction.

This scientific research and model of success is examined in different aspects: gender, age, social and cultural environment, religion and etc. The project is a continuation of work of Iunona Ilina in the direction of psychology of intellect, in which the research object was mental models and their transformations. (Dissertation “Transformation of mental models of individuals of middle ages in the conditions of vital crises” 2007).

In order to set the vector of “success” correctly we must take into account dichotomy (here: or/or) of success, dialectics of concept: the subject of activity requires feeling of success, the object of influencing needs confirmation from surroundings, “external” result.

 It means that depending on feeling ourselves an object or subject we hesitate in the choice of the acceptable personal model of success, its criteria, creation of the so-called “standard model of success”.

Subjection-objection of the term “success”, its categorizing, different conceptions and models occupied and which occupy different scientific directions, such as philosophy, sociology, political science, economy, management theories. The applied aspects of this topic are interesting to all: and as aspiration to “be successful” or through protesting reactions – “it is not important”.
Polarization of society round the topic of success (there are model supporters “in life there is a place only for successful”, there are opponents – “society to no purpose requires from an individual to be successful, it results in depression, emotional traumas, not all should be successful”) also indirectly proves importance of this problem for fundamental scientific achievements.

For former USSR countries the model of success, which will conduce them to the desired result by an acceptable (that ecological) to them method, is needed, in fact realities of our life in the last 2 decades cardinally changed, and behavior and the set of mind in majority did not.
The project ”Psychology of success” is included by research of that concept of success, models of success and social options and prejudices, related to success. Works on this topic will also be interesting both to scientists and to people, which are interested in their own growth and development regardless of place, country of residence.
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